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Dharker Studio

Primary language: English
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Spawned: Brightly Studios, Echo Tokyo Team, StudioX


Sword of Asumi
2015-01-08AllSword of AsumiPub & Dev
Divine Slice of Life
2015-10-2218+Divine Slice of Life - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2015-10-2218+Divine Slice of Life - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
2015-10-2318+Divine Slice of Life - Adult VersionPub & Dev
Highschool Romance
2015-11-1815+Highschool RomancePub & Dev
Highschool Possession
2015-12-0915+Highschool Possession - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2015-12-0918+Highschool Possession - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Echo Tokyo
2016-01-2717+Echo Tokyo: An IntroPub & Dev
Beach Bounce
2016-02-1918+Beach Bounce Remastered - Adult VersionPub & Dev
2016-02-1917+Beach Bounce Remastered - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2016-02-1918+Beach Bounce Remastered - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Club Life
2016-04-1318+Club Life - Adult VersionDev
2016-04-1317+Club Life - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2016-04-1318+Club Life - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Summer Fling
2016-06-0818+Summer Fling - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
2016-06-0918+Summer Fling - Adult VersionPub & Dev
2016-06-1517+Summer Fling - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2017-1118+Summer Fling - Limited Package EditionPub & Dev
2016-10-1418+Negligee - Adult Only VersionPub & Dev
2016-10-19Negligee - Deluxe EditionPub & Dev
2016-10-1917+Negligee - Standard EditionPub & Dev
2016-10-1918+Negligee - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
2016-10-2118+Negligee - Adult Deluxe DLC VersionDev
Highschool Romance: Magi Trials
2016-11-1117+Highschool Romance: Magi Trials - Standard EditionPub & Dev
2016-11-1717+Highschool Romance: Magi Trials - Deluxe EditionPub & Dev
Beauty Bounce
2017-02-1318+Beauty Bounce - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub
2017-02-1718+Beauty Bounce - Uncensored EditionPub
2017-02-2217+Beauty Bounce - Steam EditionPub
Bunny Bounce
2017-02-2818+Bunny Bounce - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub
2017-03-0618+Bunny Bounce - Uncensored EditionPub
2017-03-1017+Bunny Bounce - Steam EditionPub
Blossoms Bloom Brightest
2017-04-09Blossoms Bloom BrightestPub
Army Gals
2017-04-1218+Army Gals - Adult Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
2017-04-1717+Army Gals - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2017-1118+Army Gals - Limited Package EditionPub & Dev
2017-12-1418+Army Gals - Uncensored EditionPub & Dev
Battle Girls
2017-06-2118+Battle Girls - Download EditionPub
2017-06-2118+Battle Girls - Adult Patch (patch)Pub
2017-07-06AllBattle Girls - Steam EditionPub
2017-0818+Battle Girls - Kimochi Exclusive Physical DVD Boxset EditionPub
Galaxy Girls: Starlight Blossoms Bloom Brightest
2017-08Galaxy Girls: Starlight Blossoms Bloom Brightest - Package EditionPub & Dev
2017-09-15AllGalaxy Girls - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2017-09-1518+Galaxy Girls: Starlight Blossoms Bloom Brightest - Deluxe EditionPub & Dev
2017-09-1518+Galaxy Girls: Starlight Blossoms Bloom Brightest - Download EditionPub & Dev
2017-09-1518+Galaxy Girls Director's Cut Adult Uncensored Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Alexa's Wild Night
2017-12-13AllAlexa's Wild Night - Steam EditionPub
Starlight Drifter
2018-06-29Starlight DrifterPub & Dev
Negligee: Love Stories
2018-09-1018+Negligee: Love Stories - Adult EditionPub & Dev
2019-02-08Negligee: Love Stories - Standard EditionPub & Dev
2019-02-0818+Negligee: Love Stories - Uncensored Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
Devil in the Details
2018-10-1218+Devil in the DetailsPub & Dev
My Girlfriend
2019-03-2218+My GirlfriendPub & Dev
2019-07-1918+Love in the LimelightPub & Dev
Echo Tokyo: Phoenix
2019-03-2218+Echo Tokyo: Phoenix - Download EditionPub
2019-03-29Echo Tokyo: Phoenix - Steam EditionPub
Dating Life: Miley X Emily
2019-07-3118+Dating Life: Miley X EmilyPub & Dev
2019-07-3118+Dating Life: Miley X Emily - Adult Content (patch)Pub & Dev
2021-08-0517+Dating Life: Miley X EmilyDev
Roomie Romance
2019-09-1318+Roomie RomancePub & Dev
2019-11-0618+Roomie Romance - Extra Stories (patch)Pub & Dev
Santa Girls
2019-12-0618+Santa GirlsPub & Dev
Yuuki's Party Night
2020-02-2118+Yuuki's Party NightPub & Dev
Model Melissa
2020-05-1518+Model MelissaPub & Dev
Future Girls
2020-08-1418+Future GirlsPub & Dev
Summer Days
2020-10-2318+Summer DaysPub & Dev
2022-05-1217+Summer DaysDev
Chromo XY
2020-11-0618+Chromo XYPub & Dev
CamGirls: Sophie X Rias
2021-01-22CamGirls: Sophie X RiasPub & Dev
Dating Life 2: Emily X Miley
2021-02-20Dating Life 2: Emily X MileyPub & Dev
Negligee: Girls Night
2021-06-18Negligee: Girls NightPub & Dev
Negligee: Opposites Attract
2021-07-16Negligee: Opposites AttractPub & Dev
Negligee: Spring Clean
2021-08-0618+Negligee: Spring Clean PreludePub & Dev
2021-08-2018+Negligee: Spring CleanPub & Dev
Water Girls
2021-09-10Water GirlsPub & Dev
2021-09-1018+Water Girls - Adult 18+ Content (patch)Pub & Dev
Animal Cafe
2021-10-0118+Animal CafePub & Dev
Fairy Glade
2021-10-0818+Fairy GladePub & Dev
Winter Wonderland
2021-10-1018+Winter WonderlandPub & Dev
Bounce Paradise
2022-03-1118+Bounce ParadisePub & Dev
Beauty Paradise
2022-05-2018+Beauty ParadisePub & Dev
Witches Brew
2022-10-1718+Witches BrewPub & Dev
Maid Café
2023-05-19AllMaid Café - Steam EditonPub
202318+Maid CaféPub
2023AllMaid Café - Ultimate Physical BundlePub
2023AllMaid Café - Physical BundlePub
2023AllMaid Café - Physical EditionPub
202318+Maid Café - Adult DLC (patch)Pub
Echo Tokyo: Reaper
TBAEcho Tokyo: ReaperPub
Swim Meet
TBASwim MeetPub & Dev