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We create. You play.

Our mission is to create meaningful visual novels that are sweet and funny at the same time.



2014-11-17Prank Masters(developer, publisher)
2014-11-1713+     Prank Masters Demodeveloper, publisher 
2016-12-2713+     Prank Masters Beta version 0.02developer, publisher 
2018-06-0213+     Prank Mastersdeveloper, publisher4 
2017-08-27Voiceful(developer, publisher)
2017-08-27   Voiceful - Chapter 1developer, publisher 
2017-09-14   Voiceful - Chapter 2developer, publisher 
2019-06-02Maid for You(developer, publisher)
2019-06-02All ages   Maid for You - Demo Versiondeveloper, publisher2 
2019All ages   Maid for Youdeveloper, publisher2