Edit history of Type-Moon

p6.102020-07-22 at 09:19multiType-MoonReverse relation update caused by revision p10689.1
p6.92015-12-09 at 17:55jazz957Type-Moonnote
p6.82015-12-09 at 17:54jazz957Type-MoonRomanization. Notes is actually the holding company. So they aren't the same thing.
p6.72015-10-19 at 02:09multiType-MoonReverse relation update caused by revision p5691.1
p6.62012-10-09 at 10:56kagayaType-Moon型月 is the most commonly used alias of Type-Moon among 2ch and niconicodouga users.
p6.52009-12-05 at 23:52immlffType-Moonwiki link improvement, another alias, kana name is just an alias
p6.42009-11-16 at 18:21izmosmolnarType-Moonwiki
p6.32009-06-03 at 20:06immlffType-Moonname and alias
p6.22008-03-21 at 01:04echomateriaType Moon
p6.12007-09-15 at 12:40multiType MoonAutomated import from VNDB 1.8