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emm.... I'm the team leader. Set the new name of our group.
Name (romaji)Xinggang Hanhuazutone MAX hanhua lianhehui
Original name星冈汉化星冈汉化联合会
Description[empty]A group of few translation team.

tone MAX hanhua lianhehui


Chinese Amateur group
a.k.a. 星冈学园文学社, 星冈樱南镇守府, 星冈四叶草调养中心

A group of few translation team.



2015-04-04Cure Girl(publisher)
2015-04-0418+   CURE GIRL (patch)publisher 
2015-08-16Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki(publisher)
2015-08-1618+   Lianhua Zhanfang Ying Fei Shi (patch)publisher 
2015-12-30Hatsukoi 1/1(publisher)
2015-12-3018+   Chulian 1/1 (patch)publisher 
2016-02-07Clover Day's(publisher)
2016-02-0718+   Clover Day's (patch)publisher 
2016-04-1418+   Clover Day's Tedian Hanhua Buding (patch)publisher 
2016-07-0118+   Clover Day's Plus (patch)publisher 
2017-05-22Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas(publisher)
2017-05-2218+   Shaonv Bianzhi Ai de Huabu (patch)publisher 
2018-09-10Melty Moment(publisher)
2018-09-1018+   Melty Moment (patch)publisher 
2018-12-24Kami-machi Sana-chan(publisher)
2018-12-2418+   Shendai shaonv shabo (patch)publisher 
TBAHoshi Ori Yume Mirai(publisher)
TBA18+   Xing Zhi Meng Weilai (patch)publisher 
TBAYumeiro Alouette!(publisher)
TBA18+   Mengse bailing! - 2 route test version (patch)publisher