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Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

Spawned: 3 Lapins Noirs
Imprint: Petit Reve, Pure Wish


Soukai Buccaneers!
2014-07-1715+Soukai Buccaneers! - Regular EditionPub
2014-07-1715+Soukai Buccaneers! - Download EditionPub
2014-07-1715+Soukai Buccaneers! - Limited EditionPub
2015-11-2612+Goes! - Regular EditionPub
2015-11-2612+Goes! - Limited EditionPub
2015-11-2612+Goes! - Download EditionPub
2016-05-2615+SA7 - Regular EditionPub
2016-05-2615+SA7 - Limited EditionPub
2016-05-2615+SA7 - Download EditionPub
Crank In
2017-08-3115+Crank In - Regular EditionPub
2017-08-3115+Crank In - Download EditionPub
2017-08-3115+Crank In - Limited EditionPub
Song of Memories
2018-02-28All agesSong of MemoriesPub
2018-09-0617+Song of Memories Ver.1.1Pub
2019-02-0117+Song of MemoriesDev