Taiwan TGL Corporation


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a.k.a. 台湾TGL
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Parent producer: Technical Group Laboratory, Inc.

In 1996, the Taiwan branch of Technical Group Laboratory, Inc. was founded to localize games in Taiwan (published by Unalis and later Soft-World).

Taiwan TGL itself was founded in 2000, and absorbed the former Taiwan branch, adding its own game development teams (namely WindThunder, RD2 and Simple Power) and publication team. It later published games from Imagineer Co., Ltd., Nihon Application, Active, Kogado Studio, and Broccoli.

In 2003, it was sold to Soft-World and integrated into Game Flier.

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1998-12-15Roman Reine(publisher)
1998-12-15All ages   Langman Chuangshi Shenhuapublisher 
2001-07-30Di Gi Charat Fantasy(publisher)
2001-07-30All ages   Di Gi Charat Fantasy ~Zhongxiaye zhi Meng~publisher 
2001-09-20Harlem Blade II ~Dark Angel~(publisher)
2001-09-20   Liming Shengji -Anhei Tianshi-publisher 
2001-10-03Baldr Bullet(publisher)
2001-10-03All ages   Jijia Zhanxian ~Survival Version Trial Edition~publisher 
2001-11-15All ages   Jijia Zhanxianpublisher 
2001Mahjong Gensoukyoku II(publisher)
200118+   Maque Huanxiangqu II -2001 Edition-publisher
2002-05-09Handle With Care..(publisher)
2002-05-09All ages   Hong Mofangpublisher