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Top Hat Studios

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Top Hat Studios Inc
Official website - VNStat

Top Hat Studios is a development and publishing studio based out of New York, with members around the world.


Lifted Dreams
2016-06-0912+Lifted DreamsPub
Painted in White
2016-11-03All agesPainted in White - DemoPub
TBAAll agesPainted in WhitePub
Red String of Fate
2017-01-26All agesRed String of FatePub
Episicava Vol.1
2017-03-17All agesEpisicava - DemoPub
2018-04-03All agesEpisicava Vol.1 - Steam EditionPub
2018-04-0318+Episicava Vol.1 - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub
2018-07-1618+Episicava Vol.1 - Package EditionPub
The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox
2017-10-09The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1Pub
2018-08-23The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1 v1.25Pub
Analistica Academy
2017-11-1918+Analistica Academy - DemoPub & Dev
2018-02-0218+Analistica AcademyPub & Dev
2018-04-06Analistica Academy - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2018-04-0618+Analistica Academy - Uncensor Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
The Wilting Amaranth
2018-03-16All agesThe Wilting AmaranthPub
2018-05-0918+The Wilting AmaranthPub
2018-05-3018+The Wilting Amaranth - 18+ Patch (patch)Dev
2019-01-20All agesThe Wilting Amaranth v1.3Pub
Our Lovely Escape
2018-08-31All agesOur Lovely Escape - DemoPub
2019-09-30All agesOur Lovely Escape - All-ages EditionPub
2019-09-3018+Our Lovely Escape - 18+ Patch (patch)Pub
2019-09-3018+Our Lovely Escape - Download EditionPub
TBA18+Our Lovely Escape - Package EditionPub
Cross Love
2018-11-2118+Cross Love - Episode 1Pub & Dev
Big Dipper
2019-01-07Big DipperPub
2019-02-2313+Big DipperPub
2019-08-18Big DipperPub
2020-07-2713+Big DipperPub
2020-08-1313+Big DipperPub
Rainbow Dreams
2019-03-05All agesRainbow Dreams - DemoPub
2020-01-03All agesRainbow Dreams - Steam EditionPub
An Adventurer's Tale
2019-05-2318+An Adventurer's Tale - Steam EditionPub & Dev
2019-06-0718+An Adventurer's Tale - Download EditionPub & Dev
2019-06-24Synergia - DemoPub
2020-07-27Synergia - Download EditionPub
2020Synergia - Package EditionPub
My Days With The Demoness
2019-07-12My Days With The Demoness - Official DemoPub
2020My Days With The DemonessPub
Why is There a Girl in My House?!
2019-10-1818+Why Is There A Girl In My House?!Pub
La Mémoire
2019-11-0315+La Mémoire - DemoPub
2020La MémoirePub
Forest Guardian
2020-03-3018+Forest GuardianPub
In that Midnight, There Were Wolves
TBAAll agesIn that Midnight, There Were WolvesPub