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Pillow Fight Games

Amateur group
Primary language: English
a.k.a. Pillowfight
Official website - VNStat

"Pillow Fight wants to tell stories you haven't heard before. We take care of the tech, so our diverse teams of creators can focus on what they do best: telling amazing, inclusive stories with beautiful illustrations and a focus on finding new and marginalized audiences."

Founded by Jo Fu and Conrad Kreyling.


2015-09-1216+WE KNOW THE DEVILDev
2016-02-1516+We Know the Devil (drm-free)Dev
2017-03-1916+We Know the Devil - DemoPub & Dev
2021-07-3013+We Know the DevilPub
Rose of Winter
2016-09-16Rose of Winter - DemoPub & Dev
2016-10-17Rose of WinterPub & Dev
2016-12-1212+Rose of WinterPub & Dev
Ghosts of Miami
2017-04-19Ghosts of Miami - DemoPub & Dev
2017-08-17Ghosts of Miami (drm-free)Pub & Dev
Two Scoops
2017-05-24Two Scoops - DemoPub & Dev
TBATwo ScoopsPub & Dev
Heaven Will Be Mine
2018-07-25Heaven Will Be Mine (drm-free)Pub & Dev