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Hanako Games

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Papillon
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Subsidiary: Hanabira

A company that produces anime-styled games aimed at girls. Founded by Georgina Bensley.


Summer Schoolgirls
2005-06-1613+Summer Schoolgirls DemoPub & Dev
2005-06-1813+Summer SchoolgirlsPub & Dev
2005-11-06AllAbigailPub & Dev
Fatal Hearts
2007-11-1312+Fatal HeartsPub & Dev
2007-11-1312+Fatal Hearts DemoPub & Dev
2017-10-22Fatal HeartsPub & Dev
Summer Session
2008-07-1713+Summer SessionDev
2008-07-1713+Summer Session DemoDev
2017-10-2613+Summer SessionDev
Date Warp
2010-05-2213+Date WarpPub & Dev
2010-05-2213+Date Warp - Demo ver.Pub & Dev
2010-10-2913+Date Warp - Package EditionPub & Dev
2013-06-1513+The Royal Trap - Package EditionPub & Dev
2014-09-0213+Date Warp Silver EditionPub & Dev
Magical Diary: Horse Hall
2011-06-1913+Magical Diary: Horse HallPub & Dev
2011-06-1913+Magical Diary: Horse Hall - Trial EditionPub & Dev
The Royal Trap
2013-02-2313+The Royal TrapPub & Dev
2013-02-2313+The Royal Trap - DemoPub & Dev
2013-06-1513+The Royal Trap - Package EditionPub & Dev
2015-04-0313+The Confines of the Crown - Steam EditionPub & Dev
Sword Daughter
2015-01-0510+Sword DaughterPub
A Little Lily Princess
2016-05-1910+A Little Lily PrincessPub
2016-05-1910+A Little Lily Princess DemoPub
England Exchange
2017-04-1913+England ExchangePub
2017-04-1913+England Exchange - DemoPub
2017-07-0813+England Exchange 1.07Pub
2017-09-0518+England Exchange! Nude Patch (patch)Pub & Dev
2018-10-1118+England ExchangePub
Magical Diary: Wolf Hall
2019-01-12Magical Diary: Wolf Hall - DemoPub & Dev
2020-02-17Magical Diary: Wolf HallPub & Dev
Night Cascades
2022-02-10Night Cascades - DemoPub & Dev
2022-03-01Night CascadesPub & Dev