Winter Wolves

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Parent producer: Tycoon Games

Italian game developer. Founded by Celso Riva.



2008-10-21Heileen: Sail Away(developer, publisher)
2008-10-2114+     Heileen - Sail Awaydeveloper, publisher 
2013-06-28   Heileenpublisher 
2013-06-28   Heileen Demopublisher 
2014-01-1612+   Heileenpublisher 
2009-04-14Spirited Heart(developer, publisher)
2009-04-14All ages     Spirited Heartdeveloper, publisher 
2009-04-14All ages     Spirited Heart Demodeveloper, publisher 
2009-04-14All ages     Spirited Heart Deluxedeveloper, publisher 
2011-09-0210+     Spirited Heart Girl's Love (patch)publisher 
2012-04-22All ages   Spirited Heart Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-01-19All ages   Spirited Heartdeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-08All ages   Spirited Heartdeveloper, publisher 
2014-05-29All ages     Spirited Heart Deluxe - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2009-07-22Bionic Heart(developer, publisher)
2009-07-2214+     Bionic Heartdeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-11   Bionic Heartpublisher 
2013-06-11   Bionic Heart Demopublisher 
2014-01-1112+   Bionic Heartpublisher 
2010-01-08The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook(developer, publisher)
2010-01-08All ages     The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook Demodeveloper, publisher 
2010-01-28All ages     The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher 
2010-10-079+   The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper 
2011-04-059+   The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook (HD)developer 
2011-04-219+   The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper 
2012-06-08   Summer In Fairbrook Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-11All ages   Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher 
2010-06-30Vera Blanc: Full Moon(developer, publisher)
2010-06-30All ages     Vera Blanc: Full Moondeveloper, publisher 
2010-06-30All ages     Vera Blanc: Full Moon Demodeveloper, publisher 
2010-10-139+   Vera Blanc: Full Moon - iPhone versiondeveloper 
2010-10-169+   Vera Blanc HD: Full Moondeveloper 
2010-10-21All ages   Vera Blanc: Full Moondeveloper, publisher 
2010-11-129+   Vera Blanc Lite: Full Moondeveloper 
2011-02-219+   Vera Blanc: Full Moondeveloper 
2012-05-17   Vera Blanc - Full Moon Demodeveloper, publisher 
2016-11-06   Winter Wolves Classic Games Collectiondeveloper, publisher 
2010-09-01Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle(developer, publisher)
2010-09-01All ages     Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castledeveloper, publisher 
2010-09-01All ages     Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle Demodeveloper, publisher 
2010-11-309+   Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle - iPhone versiondeveloper 
2010-11-309+   Vera Blanc 2 HD: Ghost in the Castledeveloper 
2013-03-12   Vera Blanc Ghost Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-08-21   Vera Blanc Ghost In The Castledeveloper, publisher 
2016-11-06   Winter Wolves Classic Games Collectiondeveloper, publisher 
2011-02-11Love & Order(developer, publisher)
2011-02-11All ages     Love & Order - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2011-02-18All ages     Love & Orderdeveloper, publisher 
2013-09-15   Love And Order Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-09-15   Love & Orderdeveloper, publisher 
2011-04-22Always Remember Me(developer, publisher)
2011-04-22All ages     Always Remember Medeveloper, publisher 
2011-04-22All ages     Always Remember Me Demodeveloper, publisher 
2012-05-22All ages   Always Remember Me Demodeveloper, publisher 
2012-07-26All ages   Always Remember Medeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-0712+   Always Remember Medeveloper, publisher 
2011-11-23The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook(developer, publisher)
2011-11-23All ages     The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher 
2011-12-08All ages     The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher 
2012-06-14All ages   Winter In Fairbrook Demodeveloper, publisher 
2012-06-14All ages   Winter In Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-08   Winter In Fairbrook: Flower Shopdeveloper, publisher 
2012-03-07Loren The Amazon Princess(developer, publisher)
2012-03-07All ages     Loren The Amazon Princess Demodeveloper, publisher 
2012-04-3016+     Loren The Amazon Princessdeveloper, publisher 
2012-09-28     Loren The Amazon Princess: The Castle Of N'Mar (patch)developer, publisher 
2012-09-2816+     Loren The Amazon Princess Expansion BUNDLEdeveloper, publisher 
2013-09-1917+   Loren Amazon Princess Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-09-1917+   Loren Amazon Princess Completedeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-1518+     Loren The Amazon Princess - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-1518+     Loren The Amazon Princess: The Castle Of N'Mar - Steam Edition (patch)developer, publisher 
2014-01-16   Loren Amazon Princessdeveloper, publisher 
2014-02-0718+     Loren the Amazon Princess - Deluxe Versiondeveloper, publisher 
2012-07-11Heileen 2: The Hands of Fate(publisher)
2012-07-11   Heileen 2publisher 
2012-07-11   Heileen 2 Demopublisher 
2014-01-0812+   Heileen 2publisher 
2012-12-17Heileen 3: New Horizons(developer, publisher)
2012-12-1714+     Heileen 3 - New Horizonsdeveloper, publisher 
2012-12-1714+     Heileen 3 - New Horizons Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-01-2614+     Heileen 3: Sea Maidens (patch)developer, publisher 
2013-02-2617+   Heileen 3: New Horizonsdeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-1612+   Heileen 3developer, publisher 
2014-07-1714+     Heileen 3: New Horizons - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-14Bionic Heart 2(developer, publisher)
2013-04-1414+     Bionic Heart 2developer, publisher 
2013-04-1414+     Bionic Heart 2 Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-16   Bionic Heart 2 Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-04-24   Bionic Heart 2developer, publisher 
2014-01-1112+   Bionic Heart 2developer, publisher 
2014-09-22     Bionic Heart 2 - Deluxe Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-10-25Nicole(developer, publisher)
2013-10-2512+     Nicoledeveloper, publisher 
2013-10-2512+     Nicole Demodeveloper, publisher 
2013-11-2513+   Nicoledeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-17   Nicoledeveloper, publisher 
2014-07-2512+     Nicole (otome version)developer, publisher 
2014-02-27Roommates(developer, publisher)
2014-02-27All ages   Roommatesdeveloper 
2014-03-07All ages     Roommates - Anne's Storydeveloper, publisher 
2014-03-07All ages     Roommates - Max's Storydeveloper, publisher 
2014-03-07All ages     Roommatesdeveloper, publisher 
2014-03-07All ages   Roommatesdeveloper 
2017-11-08     Roommates (beta)developer, publisher 
2019-03-0718+     Roommates - Uncensor Patchdeveloper, publisher 
2014-11-15Tales of Aravorn: Seasons Of The Wolf(developer, publisher)
2014-11-15     Seasons Of The Wolfdeveloper, publisher 
2015-01-2317+   ToA: Seasons Of The Wolfdeveloper, publisher 
2015-04-24     Seasons Of The Wolf: Bad Blood DLC (patch)developer, publisher 
2015-08-1112+   ToA: Seasons Of The Wolfdeveloper, publisher 
2016-01-22Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense(developer, publisher)
2016-01-22All ages     Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defensedeveloper, publisher 
2016-07-1117+   P.S.C.D.developer, publisher 
2016-04-22C14 Dating(developer, publisher)
2016-04-2212+     C14 Datingdeveloper, publisher 
2016-07-10All ages   C14 Datingdeveloper, publisher 
2016-09-2212+   C14 Datingdeveloper, publisher 
2016-05Heirs and Graces(developer, publisher)
2016-05     Heirs and Graces - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2016-06-0313+     Heirs and Gracesdeveloper, publisher 
2016-06-3013+   Heirs and Gracesdeveloper, publisher 
2016-09-1512+   Heirs and Gracesdeveloper, publisher 
2016-09-16Queen Of Thieves(developer, publisher)
2016-09-16     Queen Of Thievesdeveloper, publisher 
2016-12-1213+   Queen Of Thievesdeveloper, publisher 
2017-02-0912+   Queen of Thievesdeveloper, publisher 
2016-11-11Never Forget Me(developer, publisher)
2016-11-11     Never Forget Medeveloper, publisher 
2016-11-1810+   Never Forget Medeveloper, publisher 
2016-12-1912+   Never Forget Medeveloper, publisher 
2017-05-04Amber's Magic Shop(developer, publisher)
2017-05-04     Amber's Magic Shopdeveloper, publisher 
2017-10-26Summer Session(developer, publisher)
2017-10-2613+   Summer Sessiondeveloper, publisher 
2018-04-20Cursed Lands(developer, publisher)
2018-04-20     Cursed Landsdeveloper, publisher 
2018-04-20     Cursed Lands - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2018-05-12Love Bites(developer, publisher)
2018-05-12     Love Bitesdeveloper, publisher 
2018-05-12     Love Bites - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2018-11-17     Love Bitesdeveloper, publisher 
2019Corona Borealis(developer, publisher)
2019     Corona Borealisdeveloper, publisher 
TBASummer In Trigue(developer, publisher)
TBA     Summer In Triguedeveloper, publisher 
TBAUndead Lily(developer, publisher)
TBA     Undead Lilydeveloper, publisher 
TBARoger Steel(developer, publisher)
TBA     Roger Steeldeveloper, publisher 
TBATales of Aravorn: Reign of War(developer, publisher)
TBA     Tales of Aravorn: Reign of War Part 1developer, publisher 
TBA     Tales of Aravorn: Reign of War Part 2developer, publisher