Winter Wolves

Primary language: English
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Parent producer: Tycoon Games

Italian game developer. Founded by Celso Riva.



2008-10-21Heileen: Sail Away(developer, publisher)
2008-10-2114+     Heileen - Sail Awaydeveloper, publisher
2013-06-28   Heileenpublisher
2013-06-28   Heileen Demopublisher
2014-01-1612+   Heileenpublisher
2009-04-14Spirited Heart(developer, publisher)
2009-04-14All ages     Spirited Heartdeveloper, publisher
2009-04-14All ages     Spirited Heart Demodeveloper, publisher
2009-04-14All ages     Spirited Heart Deluxedeveloper, publisher
2011-09-0210+     Spirited Heart Girl's Love (patch)publisher
2012-04-22All ages   Spirited Heart Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-01-19All ages   Spirited Heartdeveloper, publisher
2014-01-08All ages   Spirited Heartdeveloper, publisher
2014-05-29All ages     Spirited Heart Deluxe - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher
2009-07-22Bionic Heart(developer, publisher)
2009-07-2214+     Bionic Heartdeveloper, publisher
2013-04-11   Bionic Heartpublisher
2013-06-11   Bionic Heart Demopublisher
2014-01-1112+   Bionic Heartpublisher
2010-01-08The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook(developer, publisher)
2010-01-08All ages     The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook Demodeveloper, publisher
2010-01-28All ages     The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher
2010-10-079+   The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper
2011-04-059+   The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrook (HD)developer
2011-04-219+   The Flower Shop: Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper
2012-06-08   Summer In Fairbrook Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-04-11All ages   Summer in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher
2010-06-30Vera Blanc: Full Moon(developer, publisher)
2010-06-30All ages     Vera Blanc: Full Moondeveloper, publisher
2010-06-30All ages     Vera Blanc: Full Moon Demodeveloper, publisher
2010-10-139+   Vera Blanc: Full Moon - iPhone versiondeveloper
2010-10-169+   Vera Blanc HD: Full Moondeveloper
2010-10-21All ages   Vera Blanc: Full Moondeveloper, publisher
2010-11-129+   Vera Blanc Lite: Full Moondeveloper
2011-02-219+   Vera Blanc: Full Moondeveloper
2012-05-17   Vera Blanc - Full Moon Demodeveloper, publisher
2016-11-06   Winter Wolves Classic Games Collectiondeveloper, publisher
2010-09-01Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle(developer, publisher)
2010-09-01All ages     Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castledeveloper, publisher
2010-09-01All ages     Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle Demodeveloper, publisher
2010-11-309+   Vera Blanc: Ghost In The Castle - iPhone versiondeveloper
2010-11-309+   Vera Blanc 2 HD: Ghost in the Castledeveloper
2013-03-12   Vera Blanc Ghost Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-08-21   Vera Blanc Ghost In The Castledeveloper, publisher
2016-11-06   Winter Wolves Classic Games Collectiondeveloper, publisher
2011-02-11Love & Order(developer, publisher)
2011-02-11All ages     Love & Order - Demodeveloper, publisher
2011-02-18All ages     Love & Orderdeveloper, publisher
2013-09-15   Love And Order Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-09-15   Love & Orderdeveloper, publisher
2011-04-22Always Remember Me(developer, publisher)
2011-04-22All ages     Always Remember Medeveloper, publisher
2011-04-22All ages     Always Remember Me Demodeveloper, publisher
2012-05-22All ages   Always Remember Me Demodeveloper, publisher
2012-07-26All ages   Always Remember Medeveloper, publisher
2014-01-0712+   Always Remember Medeveloper, publisher
2011-11-23The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook(developer, publisher)
2011-11-23All ages     The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook - Demodeveloper, publisher
2011-12-08All ages     The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher
2012-06-14All ages   Winter In Fairbrook Demodeveloper, publisher
2012-06-14All ages   Winter In Fairbrookdeveloper, publisher
2014-01-08   Winter In Fairbrook: Flower Shopdeveloper, publisher
2012-03-07Loren The Amazon Princess(developer, publisher)
2012-03-07All ages     Loren The Amazon Princess Demodeveloper, publisher
2012-04-3016+     Loren The Amazon Princessdeveloper, publisher
2012-09-28     Loren The Amazon Princess: The Castle Of N'Mar (patch)developer, publisher
2012-09-2816+     Loren The Amazon Princess Expansion BUNDLEdeveloper, publisher
2013-09-1917+   Loren Amazon Princess Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-09-1917+   Loren Amazon Princess Completedeveloper, publisher
2014-01-1518+     Loren The Amazon Princess - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher
2014-01-1518+     Loren The Amazon Princess: The Castle Of N'Mar - Steam Edition (patch)developer, publisher
2014-01-16   Loren Amazon Princessdeveloper, publisher
2014-02-0718+     Loren the Amazon Princess - Deluxe Versiondeveloper, publisher
2012-07-11Heileen 2: The Hands of Fate(publisher)
2012-07-11   Heileen 2publisher
2012-07-11   Heileen 2 Demopublisher
2014-01-0812+   Heileen 2publisher
2012-12-17Heileen 3: New Horizons(developer, publisher)
2012-12-1714+     Heileen 3 - New Horizonsdeveloper, publisher
2012-12-1714+     Heileen 3 - New Horizons Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-01-2614+     Heileen 3: Sea Maidens (patch)developer, publisher
2013-02-2617+   Heileen 3: New Horizonsdeveloper, publisher
2014-01-1612+   Heileen 3developer, publisher
2014-07-1714+     Heileen 3: New Horizons - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher
2013-04-14Bionic Heart 2(developer, publisher)
2013-04-1414+     Bionic Heart 2developer, publisher
2013-04-1414+     Bionic Heart 2 Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-04-16   Bionic Heart 2 Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-04-24   Bionic Heart 2developer, publisher
2014-01-1112+   Bionic Heart 2developer, publisher
2014-09-22     Bionic Heart 2 - Deluxe Editiondeveloper, publisher
2013-10-25Nicole(developer, publisher)
2013-10-2512+     Nicoledeveloper, publisher
2013-10-2512+     Nicole Demodeveloper, publisher
2013-11-2513+   Nicoledeveloper, publisher
2014-01-17   Nicoledeveloper, publisher
2014-02-27Roommates(developer, publisher)
2014-02-27All ages   Roommatesdeveloper
2014-03-07All ages     Roommates - Anne's Storydeveloper, publisher
2014-03-07All ages     Roommates - Max's Storydeveloper, publisher
2014-03-07All ages     Roommatesdeveloper, publisher
2014-03-07All ages   Roommatesdeveloper
2017-11-08     Roommates (beta)developer, publisher
2019-03-0718+     Roommates - Uncensor Patchdeveloper, publisher
2014-11-15Tales of Aravorn: Seasons Of The Wolf(developer, publisher)
2014-11-15     Seasons Of The Wolfdeveloper, publisher
2015-01-2317+   ToA: Seasons Of The Wolfdeveloper, publisher
2015-04-24     Seasons Of The Wolf: Bad Blood DLC (patch)developer, publisher
2015-08-1112+   ToA: Seasons Of The Wolfdeveloper, publisher
2016-01-22Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense(developer, publisher)
2016-01-22All ages     Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defensedeveloper, publisher
2016-07-1117+   P.S.C.D.developer, publisher
2016-04-22C14 Dating(developer, publisher)
2016-04-2212+     C14 Datingdeveloper, publisher
2016-07-10All ages   C14 Datingdeveloper, publisher
2016-09-2212+   C14 Datingdeveloper, publisher
2016-05Heirs and Graces(developer, publisher)
2016-05     Heirs and Graces - Demodeveloper, publisher
2016-06-0313+     Heirs and Gracesdeveloper, publisher
2016-06-3013+   Heirs and Gracesdeveloper, publisher
2016-09-1512+   Heirs and Gracesdeveloper, publisher
2016-09-16Queen Of Thieves(developer, publisher)
2016-09-16     Queen Of Thievesdeveloper, publisher
2016-12-1213+   Queen Of Thievesdeveloper, publisher
2017-02-0912+   Queen of Thievesdeveloper, publisher
2016-11-11Never Forget Me(developer, publisher)
2016-11-11     Never Forget Medeveloper, publisher
2016-11-1810+   Never Forget Medeveloper, publisher
2016-12-1912+   Never Forget Medeveloper, publisher
2017-05-04Amber's Magic Shop(developer, publisher)
2017-05-04     Amber's Magic Shopdeveloper, publisher
2017-10-26Summer Session(developer, publisher)
2017-10-2613+   Summer Sessiondeveloper, publisher
2018-04-20Cursed Lands(developer, publisher)
2018-04-20     Cursed Landsdeveloper, publisher
2018-04-20     Cursed Lands - Demodeveloper, publisher
2018-05-12Love Bites(developer, publisher)
2018-05-12     Love Bitesdeveloper, publisher
2018-05-12     Love Bites - Demodeveloper, publisher
2018-11-17     Love Bitesdeveloper, publisher
2019-04-28Corona Borealis(developer, publisher)
2019-04-28All ages     Corona Borealisdeveloper, publisher
2020-04-22Volleyball Heaven(developer, publisher)
2020-04-22     Volleyball Heaven - Betadeveloper, publisher
TBASummer In Trigue(developer, publisher)
TBA     Summer In Triguedeveloper, publisher
TBAThe Curse Of Mantras(developer, publisher)
TBA     The Curse Of Mantrasdeveloper, publisher