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2016-08-23Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~(developer, publisher)
2016-08-23     Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~ - Demodeveloper, publisher1 
2017-02-17     Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~ - Demo 2.0developer, publisher1 
2017-09-10     Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~ - Test Build #1developer, publisher1 
2018-07-29     Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~developer, publisher3 
2017-04-09Blossoms Bloom Brightest(developer, publisher)
2017-04-09     Blossoms Bloom Brightestdeveloper, publisher3 
2019-08-18   Blossoms Bloom Brightestdeveloper, publisher1 
2017-08-12The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox(developer, publisher)
2017-08-12     The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Demodeveloper, publisher1 
2017-10-09     The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1developer, publisher3 
2018-08-23      The Seven Districts of Sin: The Tail Makes the Fox - Episode 1 v1.25developer, publisher3 
2017-10-31The Wilting Amaranth(developer, publisher)
2017-10-31All ages     The Wilting Amaranth - Demodeveloper, publisher1 
2018-03-16All ages     The Wilting Amaranthdeveloper, publisher3 
2018-05-0918+     The Wilting Amaranthdeveloper, publisher2 
2018-05-3018+     The Wilting Amaranth - 18+ Patch (patch)developer, publisher3 
2019-01-20All ages      The Wilting Amaranth v1.3developer, publisher3 
2018-03-01Mizari Loves Company(developer, publisher)
2018-03-01     Mizari Loves Company - Demodeveloper, publisher1 
2019-12     Mizari Loves Companydeveloper, publisher3 
2018-08-31Our Lovely Escape(developer)
2018-08-31All ages     Our Lovely Escape - Demodeveloper2 
2019-09All ages      Our Lovely Escape - All-ages Editiondeveloper 
TBA18+     Our Lovely Escape 18+ Patch (patch)developer 
TBA18+     Our Lovely Escape - Download Editiondeveloper
TBA18+     Our Lovely Escape - Package Editiondeveloper 
2019-04-30Signed and Sealed With a Kiss(developer, publisher)
2019-04-30     Signed and Sealed With a Kissdeveloper, publisher3 
2019-08-2018+     Signed and Sealed With a Kiss - 18+ Patch (patch)developer, publisher3 
2020Lives so Sweet(developer, publisher)
2020     Lives so Sweetdeveloper, publisher1