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Ebullience Games

Amateur group
Primary language: English
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Originated from: Catfish Crew

Otome game developer formed by members of the Lads in Distress dev team.

This group is now defunct. In June 2018 team leader and main artist Greenace abruptly fired the rest of the team before officially disbanding the group. Their upcoming commercial project, The Masquerade Killer, was due to come out end of August according to the lead writer.

No reason was given by Greenace, however, they did post a public goodbye notice and fully refunded all backers. The lead writer, Windchimes, publicly expressed disappointment in being denied the opportunity to finish the game, but has since moved on to begin forming her own studio.

Catfish Crew, where all of the original group staff originated from, remains unaffected aside from the loss of Greenace, and is continuing to be led towards the completion of their 'Lads in Distress' expansion under Windchimes leadership.


Red String of Fate
2017-01-26AllRed String of FatePub & Dev
2017-04-04AllAIRISPub & Dev
2017-04-12AllAIRISPub & Dev
The Masquerade Killer
2017-06-1013+The Masquerade Killer - DemoPub & Dev
2017-06-2613+The Masquerade Killer - DemoPub & Dev
Lads in Distress
2017-07-30Lads in Distress - New DemoDev
TBALads in DistressDev