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Website is dead. Replacing it with Steam link.


Chinese Company
a.k.a. 空羽, 武汉空羽动漫文化传播有限公司, 武汉空羽数位科技有限公司, Wuhan Hollowings Digital Techlogic Co., Ltd.

Chinese VN maker founded in 2004, firstly as an amateur group, and later in 2012 became a company.



2005Other Side(developer, publisher)
2005All ages   Other Sidedeveloper, publisher
2007Violet(developer, publisher)
2007All ages   Violetdeveloper, publisher
2013-01-25All ages   Violet rE: -The Final Reexistence-developer, publisher 
2010-02-21Sekka(developer, publisher)
2010-02-21All ages   Xue Huadeveloper, publisher
2018-12-14All ages   SnowNightdeveloper, publisher 
2010-09-28Violet Inside(developer, publisher)
2010-09-28All ages   Violet Inside Season1 Spring -With You-developer, publisher 
2011-05-01All ages   Violet Inside Season2 Summer -Reflection in the water-developer, publisher 
2012-05-27Vermeil Prologue: Crimson Imprint(developer, publisher)
2012-05-27All ages   Vermeil Prologue: Crimson Imprintdeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-22Crimson Imprint Plus -Nonexistent Christmas-(developer, publisher)
2014-01-22All ages   Crimson Imprint Plus -Nonexistent Christmas- Freeware Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2014-01-22All ages   Crimson Imprint Plus -Nonexistent Christmas- DVD Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2017-12-02All ages   Crimson Imprint plus -Nonexistent Christmas- Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2014-12-12Vermeil Zero -Saint Slaughter X Days-(developer, publisher)
2014-12-12All ages   Vermeil Zero -Saint Slaughter X Days-developer, publisher 
2018-07-30All ages   Saint Slaughter X Daysdeveloper 
2016-08-19Sketch of World End.(developer, publisher)
2016-08-19All ages   Sketch of World End.developer, publisher