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2006-05-25Moonlight Walks(developer)
2006-05-25All ages     Procházky za měsíčního svitudeveloper 
2009-01-25All ages     Moonlight Walks 2.0developer 
2006-12-25Lucy's Revenge(publisher)
2006-12-2513+     Lucy's Revengepublisher 
2008-12-27The Fucking Question(developer, publisher)
2008-12-2718+     The Fucking Questiondeveloper, publisher 
2012-08-25     The Fucking Question 2.0developer, publisher 
2009-07-28The Cute, Light and Fluffy Project(developer)
2009-07-28All ages     The Cute, Light and Fluffy Projectdeveloper 
2010-04-10RE: Alistair(developer)
2010-04-10All ages     RE: Alistair++developer 
2011-12-04Renpy Date Simulation Engine - The Game(developer, publisher)
2011-12-04     Renpy Date Simulation Engine - The Gamedeveloper, publisher 
2012-03-31Marijuana "The Truth"(developer, publisher)
2012-03-3118+     Marijuana "The Truth"developer, publisher 
2012-08-0812+     Marijuana - De Waarheiddeveloper 
2012-08-27    Marijuana - The Truthdeveloper 
2014-03-27Hammer(developer, publisher)
2014-03-2713+     Hammerdeveloper, publisher
2014-03-3113+     Hammerdeveloper, publisher 
2014-08-03     Hammerdeveloper 
2014-10-10     Hammerdeveloper 
2015-04-05Doki-Doki High School Love Time(developer, publisher)
2015-04-05     Doki-Doki High School Love Timedeveloper, publisher 
2016-01-16   DokiDoki High School Love Timepublisher