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switching main name/alias
Name (romaji)ZephyoAngela He
AliasesAngela HeZephyo

Angela He

English Individual
a.k.a. Zephyo



2017-07-30He Beat Her.(developer, publisher)
2017-07-3012+     HE BEAT HER.developer, publisher 
2017-09-10I Woke Up Next to You Again.(developer, publisher)
2017-09-10All ages     I woke up next to you again.developer, publisher 
2017-09-10All ages   I woke up next to you again.developer, publisher 
2018-04-24You Left Me.(developer, publisher)
2018-04-24     YOU LEFT ME.developer, publisher 
2019-05-01Missed Messages.(developer, publisher)
2019-05-01     missed messages.developer, publisher