English Amateur group

ASLPro3d is a husband and wife team that has over 20 years of experience entertaining people in the comic book, novel and 3D Industries with their stories and artwork.

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2018-12-04Wicked Choices: Book One(developer, publisher)
2018-12-0418+      Wicked Choices: Book Onedeveloper, publisher 
2018-12-0418+      Wicked Choices: Book One - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2019-05-05Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy(developer, publisher)
2019-05-0518+     Wicked Choices: Adventures of a Changed Boy v0.1developer, publisher 
TBAWicked Choices: Book Two(developer, publisher)
TBA18+      Wicked Choices: Book Twodeveloper, publisher