Otusun Land


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Parent brand : Otusun Club

Otusun Land is a developer and localization publisher of niche Japanese games.

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2018-07-21Rinjin -Neighbor-(developer, publisher)
2018-07-21   Rinjin -Neighbor- Trial Versiondeveloper, publisher 
2018-08-31    Rinjin -Neighbor- Demodeveloper, publisher2 
2018-09-29    Neighbordeveloper, publisher3 
2018-10-24    Rinjin -Neighbor-developer, publisher 
2018-10-24     Neighbor - Deluxe Physicaldeveloper, publisher 
TBA    Rinjin -Neighbor-developer, publisher 
2018-10-31Kioku no Zanzou(developer, publisher)
2018-10-31    Neighbor - Lingering Memories (patch)developer, publisher3 
2019Fukurou-san(developer, publisher)
2019   Fukurou-sandeveloper, publisher