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nie no machi uses system-nnn (although that's freeware so doesn't necessarily indicate it), plus there are images for warning screens on cyclet and black cyc games in the files. another obvious sign is that the readme for the trial is written in the exact same format as every ranba amuse game
Relations[empty]Parent brand: Ranba Amuse

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Primary language: Japanese
a.k.a. ゾンビリカ
Official website - VNStat

Parent brand: Ranba Amuse


Nie no Machi
2018-06-2918+Nie no MachiPub & Dev
2018-10-2618+Nie no Machi -Kanzenban- Download EditionPub & Dev
2019-06-2118+Nie no Machi Version 2.0 update (patch)Pub & Dev
2019-06-29Nie no Machi - TrialPub & Dev
2020-07-3118+Nie no Machi -Kanzenban-Pub & Dev
Nie no Machi -Iro Musubi-
202218+Nie no Machi -Iro Musubi-Pub & Dev