Daniels K.

English Individual

A prominent indie game developer on Patreon, known for his adult RPG Maker games "Stranded with Benefits", "Zoe's Temptations" and "My Girlfriend's Amnesia".



2018-03-17My Girlfriend's Amnesia(developer, publisher)
2018-03-1718+   My Girlfriend's Amnesiadeveloper, publisher 
2018-03-23Lancaster Boarding House(developer, publisher)
2018-03-2318+     Lancaster Boarding House - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2018-04-2018+     Lancaster Boarding House - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2019-01-1718+     Lancaster Boarding Housedeveloper, publisher 
2019-01-3118+     Lancaster Boarding Housedeveloper, publisher 
2019-06-10Pine Falls(developer, publisher)
2019-06-1018+     Pine Falls v0.3developer, publisher 
2019-06-1518+     Pine Falls v0.4developer, publisher