Sarchalen Visual Media

English Company
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We are Sarchalen Visual Media! An international team of dedicated writers, artists, musicians, and programmers who have come together to bring new stories to the VN community. Founded in the spring of 2017, we started work on our first visual novel, Sugawara Chronicle, a high school drama with multi-layered characters and a unique story format.

We're a pretty transparent group and like to keep fans in the loop on everything we're working on, so please join us on Discord and talk to the team :)




2017-07-15Sugawara Chronicle(developer)
2017-07-1510+     Sugawara Chronicle Demo 0.21cdeveloper1 
2018-04-01Cautionary Tale(developer)
2018-04-0112+     Cautionary Taledeveloper1 
2019-03-31Our Lost World Beneath the Skies(developer, publisher)
2019-03-31     Our Lost World Beneath The Skies - Demodeveloper, publisher1 
2019-12-02A Field of Flowers and Stars(developer, publisher)
2019-12-02     A Field of Flowers and Starsdeveloper, publisher1