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Banana King


Amateur group
Primary language: Chinese
a.k.a. バナナキング

Indie hentai game developer from Taiwan who prefer making dark and historical games.
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Twitter: link


Mòrì shàonǚ ~ zhēn nà de língrù shēngcún rìjì
2018-04-1718+Mòrì shàonǚ ~ zhēn nà de língrù shēngcún rìjìPub & Dev
2018-05-1218+The Last Girl ~ Janna's diary of shamePub & Dev
2018-05-1218+Matsujitsu Shoujo ~ Jenna no Ryoujoku Survival NikkiPub & Dev
Nai no Choukyou Nikki
2020-01-2418+Nai no Choukyou NikkiPub & Dev
Queen's Glory Nǚwáng de róngyào
2020-05-0118+Queen's Glory Nǚwáng de róngyàoPub & Dev
Devil Girl
2021-02-1918+Devil GirlDev