Sakura River Interactive

English Company
a.k.a. Sakura River
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"We are a small company that creates Visual Novels filled with meaningful interactivity. For too long video games plotlines have meaningless or exceedingly simplistic interaction.

Here at Sakura River Interactive, we strive to bring everyone interactive, accessible, complex, and meaningful stories."



2009-04-29Fading Hearts Parallel(developer, publisher)
2009-04-29All ages   Fading Hearts Paralleldeveloper, publisher 
2009-11-25Fading Hearts(developer, publisher)
2009-11-25All ages     Fading Heartsdeveloper, publisher3 
2009All ages     Fading Hearts Demodeveloper, publisher 
2011-09-09Infinite Game Works(developer, publisher)
2011-09-09     Infinite Game Works Episode 1developer, publisher3 
2011-09     Infinite Game Works Demodeveloper, publisher 
2014-06-10     Infinite Game Works Episode 0developer, publisher3