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Primary language: Japanese
Official website - VNStat

Succeeded by: Carmine
Parent producer: Assemblage Corporation


Saigo ni Kanaderu Kyousoukyoku
2001-02-2318+Saigo ni Kanaderu KyousoukyokuPub & Dev
2008-08-0118+Saigo ni Kanaderu Kyousoukyoku - Download EditionDev
Ryoujoku Kikou
2001-09-1418+Ryoujoku KikouPub & Dev
2006-12-2018+Ryoujoku Kikou - Download EditionDev
Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono
2002-04-1218+Mayonaka wa Ware no MonoPub & Dev
2002-10-0418+Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono - Re-releasePub & Dev
2003-03-2718+Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono - DVDPGDev
2010-02-2618+Mayonaka wa Ware no Mono - Download EditionDev
Miko wa Kyouen no Naka ni
2002-10-1118+Miko wa Kyouen no Naka niPub & Dev
2004-02-1318+Miko wa Kyouen no Naka ni - DVDPGDev
2010-02-1218+Miko wa Kyouen no Naka ni - Download EditionDev
Eien to Natta Rusuban ~Papa wa Kaeranai~
2003-02-2818+Eien to Natta Rusuban ~Papa wa Kaeranai~Pub & Dev
2010-03-0218+Eien to Natta Rusuban ~Papa wa Kaeranai~ Download EditionDev
Wagaya ni Majo ga Yattekita!
2003-03-2618+Wagaya ni Majo ga Yattekita!Dev
2010-01-2218+Wagaya ni Majo ga Yattekita! - Download EditionDev
Goukan Kyakusen ~Jigoku no Cruise~
2004-07-1618+Goukan Kyakusen ~Jigoku no Cruise~Pub & Dev
2009-12-0418+Goukan Kyakusen ~Jigoku no Cruise~ Download EditionPub & Dev
2004-11-1218+CrusadePub & Dev
2005-11-0418+Crusade - DVDPGDev
2012-12-0718+Crusade - Download EditionDev
Mayonaka wa Owaranai
2005-04-1518+Mayonaka wa OwaranaiPub & Dev
2010-06-0518+Mayonaka wa Owaranai - Download EditionDev