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Panda House


Primary language: Japanese
Official website - Wikipedia (ja) - Wikidata - VNStat

Originated from: IDES
Imprint: Cat's Pro., CoPanda, Melody, Melty Koubou, MeltyMate

Established in 1993 by Panda, a composer originally from Ides, it started with two brands: Cat's Pro and Melody, the sales being handled by Hobibox. Then, both of them were united in 2001 under the Panda House company freshly created.
The official website closed its door in 2006 and two low price brands were created, Melty Koubou and Melty Mate.
Disbanded in 2007.

First website: link.
Second website: link.


Aoi Tori ~L'Oiseau Bleu~
2001-01-2618+Aoi Tori ~L'Oiseau Bleu~Pub & Dev
2006-03-1018+Aoi Tori - DVD-PGDev
Shintaisou (Kari)
2001-12-2018+Shintaisou (Kari) - First Press Limited EditionPub & Dev
2001-12-2018+Shintaisou (Kari) - Regular EditionPub & Dev
2006-03-2518+Shintaisou (Kari) - Download EditionPub & Dev
2006-06-3018+Shintaisou (Kari) - DVDPGDev
D.U.O. ~Song for All~
2002-04-2618+D.U.O. ~Song for All~Pub & Dev
2008-02-2218+D.U.O. ~Song for All~ Download EditionPub & Dev
Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen.
2002-07-1118+Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen. - Demo & Trial EditionPub & Dev
2002-07-2618+Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen.Pub & Dev
2006-03-3118+Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen. - Download EditionPub & Dev
2006-04-2118+Musume Sanjou!! Doubutsuen. - DVDPGDev
2003-02-25Sayonara. - Demo EditionPub & Dev
2003-05-16Sayonara. - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2003-06-2718+Sayonara. - First Press Limited EditionPub & Dev
2005-05-2718+Sayonara. - DVDPGDev
2006-05-1918+Sayonara. - DVDPG Low Price EditionDev
2006-05-2018+Sayonara. - Download EditionPub & Dev
Melty Märchen
2003-08-21Melty Märchen - Trial EditionPub & Dev
2003-09-2618+Melty Märchen - First Press EditionPub & Dev
2003-12-0518+Melty Märchen - Regular EditionPub & Dev
2006-03-3018+Melty Märchen - DVDPGDev
2006-05-1318+Melty Märchen - Download EditionPub & Dev
Stray Sheep ~Chijoku no Zangeshitsu~
2003-12-2618+Stray Sheep ~Chijoku no Zangeshitsu~Pub & Dev
2004-10-2818+Stray Sheep ~Chijoku no Zangeshitsu~ DVDPGDev
2006-04-2718+Stray Sheep ~Chijoku no Zangeshitsu~ Download EditionPub & Dev
Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~
2004-06-28Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ Demo & Digest Trial EditionPub & Dev
2004-07-0218+Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ Ecchi Trial Edition Sono 1Pub & Dev
2004-07-0918+Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ Ecchi Trial Edition Sono 2Pub & Dev
2004-07-1718+Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ Ecchi Trial Edition Sono 3Pub & Dev
2004-07-2318+Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~Pub & Dev
2007-01-1918+Seigi no Mikata ~Tadaima Kigae Chuu!~ Download EditionPub & Dev
Shintaisou (Shin)
2004-10-2918+Shintaisou (Shin)Pub & Dev
2006-03-0418+Shintaisou (Shin) - Download EditionPub & Dev
Last Story wa Anata e. ~Gift For You~
2005-02-2518+Last Story wa Anata e.Pub & Dev
2009-04-3018+Last Story wa Anata e. - DVDPGDev