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The Eroge Resistance. Home for those who believe eroge shouldn't be restricted by platforms nor censorship.



2018-03-15Ijou Chitai ~Kanojo wa Boku no Jikken Dorei~(publisher)
2018-03-15    Apartment of Love - Uncensored Patch (patch)publisher 
2018-08-19The Cursed Love(publisher)
2018-08-19    The cursed love - Uncensored Patch (patch)publisher 
2018-09-20Hikari no Hime Mahou Kitan(publisher)
2018-09-2018+    Magical Fable: The Princess of Light - Uncensored Patch (patch)publisher 
2018-10-19Eternal Fantasy(publisher)
2018-10-1918+   Eternal Fantasy - Uncensored Patch (patch)publisher 
2019-06-19Hakoniwa Logic(publisher)
2019-06-1918+    The logic of the miniature garden - Uncensored Patch (patch)publisher