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Pixelberry Studios

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Pixelberry
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Parent producer: Nexon

Pixelberry Studios was a mobile game development company based in Mountain View, California, United States. Founded in 2013 by Oliver Miao, Keith Emnett, and Winston She, Pixelberry aims to create "games with heart", beginning with Surviving High School and Cause of Death, which deals with themes of bullying, eating disorders and capturing serial killers. Since then, the company has fully released three more mobile games: Hollywood U, High School Story and Choices: Stories You Play. In November 2017, Pixelberry was acquired by Nexon.

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Most Wanted
2016-08-17Most Wanted: Book 1Pub & Dev
The Freshman
2016-08-17The Freshman: Book 1Pub & Dev
2016-12-01The Freshman: Book 2Pub & Dev
2017-04-26The Freshman: Book 3Pub & Dev
2017-06-21The Freshman: Book 4Pub & Dev
The Crown & The Flame
2016-08-1712+The Crown & The Flame, Book 1Pub & Dev
2016-12-2212+The Crown & The Flame, Book 2Pub & Dev
2017-07-1912+The Crown & The Flame, Book 3Pub & Dev
Kaitlyn: The Perfect Date
2016-08-22Kaitlyn: The Perfect DatePub & Dev
Chris: Luxury Getaway
2016-08-22Chris: Luxury GetawayPub & Dev
James: Masquerade Ball
2016-08-22James: Masquerade BallPub & Dev
The Freshman: Love Bites
2016-10-19The Freshman: Love BitesPub & Dev
The Freshman: Snowed In
2016-12-15The Freshman: Snowed InPub & Dev
Rules of Engagement
2017-01-18Rules of Engagement: Book 1Pub & Dev
2017-06-14Rules of Engagement: Book 2Pub & Dev
2017-10-18Rules of Engagement: Book 3Pub & Dev
The Haunting of Braidwood Manor
2017-02-08The Haunting of Braidwood ManorPub & Dev
The Freshman: Game of Love
2017-02-15The Freshman: Game of LovePub & Dev
Endless Summer
2017-03-29Endless Summer: Book 1Pub & Dev
2017-10-06Endless Summer: Book 2Pub & Dev
2018-04-13Endless Summer: Book 3Pub & Dev
2017-04-19#LoveHacks: Book 1Pub & Dev
2017-09-29#LoveHacks: Book 2Pub & Dev
The Royal Romance
2017-08-18The Royal Romance: Book 1Pub & Dev
2018-01-26The Royal Romance: Book 2Pub & Dev
2018-09-07The Royal Romance: Book 3Pub & Dev
High School Story
2017-09-07High School Story: Book 1Pub & Dev
2018-01-12High School Story: Book 2Pub & Dev
2018-06-13High School Story: Book 3Pub & Dev
The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror Story
2017-10-25The Sophomore: Hartfeld Horror StoryPub & Dev
Hero: Vol. #1
2017-11-08Hero: Vol. #1Pub & Dev
The Sophomore
2017-11-15The Sophomore: Book 1Pub & Dev
2018-03-14The Sophomore: Book 2Pub & Dev
Rules of Engagement: Newlyweds
2017-12-06Rules of Engagement: NewlywedsPub & Dev
It Lives in the Woods
2018-01-31It Lives in the WoodsPub & Dev
Home for the Holidays
2018-02-14Home for the HolidaysPub & Dev
Red Carpet Diaries
2018-03-23Red Carpet Diaries: Book 1Pub & Dev
2018-09-26Red Carpet Diaries: Book 2Pub & Dev
2019-09-27Red Carpet Diaries: Book 3Pub & Dev
Perfect Match
2018-06-06Perfect Match: Book 1Pub & Dev
2018-12-12Perfect Match: Book 2Pub & Dev
The Junior
2018-07-02The JuniorPub & Dev
2018-07-06Bloodbound: Book 1Pub & Dev
2019-08-30Bloodbound: Book 2Pub & Dev
TBABloodbound: Book 3Pub & Dev
Veil of Secrets
2018-09-07Veil of SecretsPub & Dev
America's Most Eligible
2018-10-31America's Most Eligible: Season 10Pub & Dev
2019-05-01America's Most Eligible: All StarsPub & Dev
2020-01-22America's Most Eligible: Wedding EditionPub & Dev
Desire & Decorum
2018-11-05Desire & Decorum: Book 1Pub & Dev
2019-04-08Desire & Decorum: Book 2Pub & Dev
2019-12-01Desire & Decorum: Book 3Pub & Dev
The Senior
2018-12-21The SeniorPub & Dev
Big Sky Country
2018-12-28Big Sky Country: Book 1Pub & Dev
2019-11-09Big Sky Country: Book 2Pub & Dev
High School Story: Class Act
2019-01-14High School Story: Class Act: Book 1Pub & Dev
2019-05-20High School Story: Class Act: Book 2Pub & Dev
2020-03-11High School Story: Class Act: Book 3Pub & Dev
It Lives Beneath
2019-01-30It Lives BeneathPub & Dev
The Elementalists
2019-02-22The Elementalists: Book 1Pub & Dev
2019-08-02The Elementalists: Book 2Pub & Dev
The Heist: Monaco
2019-03-18The Heist: MonacoPub & Dev
Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance
2019-05-03Ride or Die: A Bad Boy Romance: Book 1Pub & Dev
TBARide or Die: A Bad Boy Romance: Book 2Pub & Dev
Across the Void
2019-05-13Across the VoidPub & Dev
Open Heart
2019-06-07Open Heart: Book 1Pub & Dev
2020-11-07Open Heart: Second YearPub & Dev
TBAOpen Heart: Third YearPub & Dev
A Courtesan of Rome
2019-06-12A Courtesan of RomePub & Dev
Passport to Romance
2019-06-19Passport to RomancePub & Dev
The Royal Heir
2019-06-22The Royal HeirPub & Dev
Wishful Thinking
2019-07-08Wishful ThinkingPub & Dev
2019-07-31NightboundPub & Dev
2019-09-19PlatinumPub & Dev
2019-10-09SunkissedPub & Dev
Bachelorette Party
2019-10-17Bachelorette PartyPub & Dev
The Royal Holiday
2019-12-07The Royal HolidayPub & Dev
Mother of the Year
2019-12-13Mother of the YearPub & Dev
The Elementalists: Winters Past
2019-12-18The Elementalists: Winters PastPub & Dev
With Every Heartbeat
2019-12-19With Every Heartbeat - Early AccessPub & Dev
2021-01With Every HeartbeatPub & Dev
Save the Date
2019-12-29Save the DatePub & Dev
Bloodbound: Dark Solstice
2020-01-11Bloodbound: Dark SolsticePub & Dev
Desire & Decorum: First Winter
2020-01-12Desire & Decorum: First WinterPub & Dev
The Royal Masquerade
2020-02-21The Royal MasqueradePub & Dev
Baby Bump
2020-03-16Baby Bump: Book 1Pub & Dev
TBABaby Bump: Book 2Pub & Dev
Blades of Light and Shadow
2020-06-03Blades of Light and Shadow: Book 1Pub & Dev
TBABlades of Light and Shadow: Book 2Pub & Dev
My Two First Loves
2020-07-27My Two First LovesPub & Dev