Push! Soft

English Company
a.k.a. Push! Publication, Push Soft

PUSH! Publication is a team of creative individuals and a brand new start-up company which publishes their own original visual novels, light novels, manga, and art books in English. Their mission is to grant those who wish to publish their own light novels, visual novels, and manga but are unable to do so due to various restraints an outlet to make their dreams a reality. The team has enigmatic passion towards content quality and strives to make themselves a well-known name within the ero games, manga and hentai industry.



2018-10-02Break: The Rematch(developer, publisher)
2018-10-0218+   Break: The Rematch - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2019-02-0118+      Break: The Rematch Part 1 - Demodeveloper, publisher