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Imprint: Painapple Teriyaki Production

A small VN circle. Founded by Ayu Sakata.



2008-01-28Ripples(developer, publisher)
2008-01-28All ages     Ripplesdeveloper, publisher
2010-06-10All ages     Ripples (Remix)developer, publisher 
2010-06-10All ages   Ripplesdeveloper, publisher 
2010-08-24All ages   Ripples HD for iPaddeveloper 
2017-04-08All ages   Ripplesdeveloper, publisher 
2009-07-28The Cute, Light and Fluffy Project(developer, publisher)
2009-07-28All ages     The Cute, Light and Fluffy Projectdeveloper, publisher 
2010-02-28RE: Alistair(developer, publisher)
2010-02-2810+     RE: Alistairdeveloper, publisher 
2010-04-10All ages     RE: Alistair++developer, publisher 
2012-07-23All ages     RE: Alistair++developer, publisher 
2010-06-08Jisei(developer, publisher)
2010-06-0813+     Jiseideveloper, publisher 
2010-06-0813+     Jisei - Demo ver.developer, publisher 
2017-04-2112+   Jiseideveloper, publisher 
2018-01-2413+      Jiseideveloper, publisher 
2018-09-1413+     Jisei - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2010-10-30[text] - A Summer Story(developer, publisher)
2010-10-3013+     [text] - A Summer Storydeveloper, publisher 
2012-01-2313+     [text] - A Summer Storydeveloper 
2011-04-01My Magical Cosplay Cafe(developer, publisher)
2011-04-01All ages     My Magical Cosplay Cafedeveloper, publisher 
2011-07-11Kansei(developer, publisher)
2011-07-1113+     Kanseideveloper, publisher 
2011-07-1113+     Kansei - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2018-01-3013+   Kanseideveloper, publisher 
2018-09-1413+     Kansei - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
2013-02-01Yousei(developer, publisher)
2013-02-0113+     Youseideveloper, publisher 
2013-02-0113+     Yousei - Demodeveloper, publisher 
2014-03-05Backstage Pass(developer, publisher)
2014-03-0510+     Backstage Pass Betadeveloper, publisher 
2014-04-3010+     Backstage Pass (Early Access)developer, publisher 
2016-08-1110+     Backstage Passdeveloper, publisher 
2016-08-2310+     Backstage Pass - Steam Editiondeveloper, publisher 
TBAEvery Sunrise(developer, publisher)
TBA     Every Sunrisedeveloper, publisher
TBAShinsei(developer, publisher)
TBA     Shinseideveloper, publisher