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RelationsParent brand: Softhouse-SealParent brand: Softhouse-Seal
Parent brand: Un Knock Out Co., Ltd.


Japanese Company
a.k.a. Reverse
Official website - VNStat

Parent brand: Softhouse-Seal, Un Knock Out Co., Ltd.



2007-11-09The World of Rapest(developer)
2007-11-0918+   The World of Rapest - Package Editiondeveloper 
2007-11-0918+   The World of Rapest - Download Editiondeveloper 
2008-02-22Master Of Erotology ~Sakiccho ga Seiippai~(developer)
2008-02-2218+   Master Of Erotology ~Sakiccho ga Seiippai~ Package Editiondeveloper2 
2008-02-2218+   Master Of Erotology ~Sakiccho ga Seiippai~ Download Editiondeveloper2 
2008-07-18Giri Giri Sisters(developer)
2008-07-1818+   Giri Giri Sisters - Package Editiondeveloper2 
2008-07-1818+   Giri Giri Sisters - Download Editiondeveloper2 
2008-09-19Metamorphose ~Hen'you! Henshin! Daihentai!?~(developer)
2008-09-1918+   Metamorphose ~Hen'you! Henshin! Daihentai!?~ Package Editiondeveloper 
2008-09-1918+   Metamorphose ~Hen'you! Henshin! Daihentai!?~ Download Editiondeveloper 
2008-10-24Mr.Invisible -Legend of Rapest-(developer)
2008-10-2418+   Mr.Invisible -Legend of Rapest- Package Editiondeveloper 
2008-10-2418+   Mr.Invisible -Legend of Rapest- Download Editiondeveloper