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Sol Taere

Primary language: Russian
Official website - VNStat

Russian EN-RU translator


Blackberry Honey
2019-02-0718+Blackberry Honey (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-2718+Blackberry Honey (unofficial)Pub
Innate Imperfections
2019-02-17Innate Imperfections (unofficial)Pub
Nowhere Girl
2019-03-16All agesNowhere Girl (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-12All agesNowhere Girl (unofficial)Pub
Tomboys Need Love Too!
2019-04-0818+Tombojkam Tozhe Nuzhna ljubov'! (unofficial)Pub
Contract Demon
2019-04-16Contract Demon (unofficial)Pub
A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle
2019-04-20Prekrasnaja poezdka v Karlajl (unofficial)Pub
One Last Salty Kiss
2019-04-2518+Poslednij soljonyj poceluj (unofficial)Pub
Last Stanza
2019-05-08Poslednjaja strofa (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-11Poslednjaja strofa (unofficial)Pub
Starlight Vega
2019-06-1217+Starlight Vega (unofficial)Pub
Over The Hills And Far Away
2019-06-27Daleko za holmami (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-12Daleko za holmami (unofficial)Pub
Okujou no Yurirei-san
2019-08-2918+Kindred Spirits on the Roof ~Full Chorus~ (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-0818+Kindred Spirits on the Roof ~Full Chorus~ (unofficial)Pub
Magical Witch Bell and Her Non-Magical Friends
2019-11-10All agesVed'ma Bell i ejo nemagicheskie druz'ja (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-08All agesVed'ma Bell i ejo nemagicheskie druz'ja (unofficial)Pub
Rituals in the Dark
2019-12-03Ritualy vo t'me (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-08Ritualy vo t'me (unofficial)Pub
2020-01-11All agesSinergija (unofficial)Pub
Max Massacre
2020-02-04Max Massacre (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-15Max Massacre (unofficial)Pub
The Spell
2020-03-02All agesZaklinanie (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-08All agesZaklinanie (unofficial)Pub
Without a Voice
2020-03-27All agesBezmolvie (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-08All agesBezmolvie (unofficial)Pub
A Summer's End — Hong Kong, 1986
2020-05-0318+A Summer's End — Hong Kong, 1986 (unofficial)Pub
2020-06-0518+A Summer's End — Hong Kong, 1986 (unofficial)Pub
The Fairy's Song
2020-08-29The Fairy's Song (unofficial)Pub
First Snow
2020-09-2618+Pervyj sneg (unofficial)Pub
Bloom for Me
2020-10-03All agesTsveti radi menya (unofficial)Pub
I Want to Pursue the Mean Side Character!
2020-10-25Hochu zaromansit' pobochnogo personazha-zljuku! (unofficial)Pub
Aisling and the Tavern of Elves
2020-11-2318+Eshlin i elfijskaja taverna (unofficial)Pub
Albatross Koukairoku
2020-11-28All agesSudovoj zhurnal Al'batrosa: Prolog (unofficial)Pub
The Elevator Game with Catgirls
2021-01-04All agesThe Elevator Game with Catgirls (unofficial)Pub
2021-01-2812+Y;N (unofficial)Pub
Canvas Colors: In The Moving City
2021-04-12All agesPjostrye polotna Shagajuschego Goroda (unofficial)Pub