Studio V

Italian Company
Official website - VNStat

Studio V, is a boutique developer involved in the creation of impactful narrative titles, drawing on an experience gained in the field of television production and graphic novels. Studio V’s debut title is Dry Drowning, a sci-fi adventure set in a dark metropolis, where the boundary between good and evil is always blurred, and the tormented characters are described in their dark and bright hard-boiled aspects

The creative team of Studio V, guided by David Logan (X-Men: Mutant Academy, Pac-Man World 2, Heroes Over Europe) and Giacomo Masi, will benefit from the promotion and production infrastructure of VLG Publishing, maintaining its identity as well as the focus on the creation of narratively interesting games, with groundbreaking themes



2019-07-29Dry Drowning(developer)
2019-07-29    Dry Drowning - Demodeveloper4 
2019-08-02    Dry Drowningdeveloper5 
2020    Dry Drowningdeveloper
TBA     Dry Drowningdeveloper