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4:33 Creative Lab


Primary language: Korean
a.k.a. FourThirtyThree
Official website - VNStat

Mobile game developer/producer in Korea, founded the 11th June 2009.

"Key People: Jun-Mo Kwon (CEO), Tae-hwan So (co-CEO)

4:33 was created in 2009 by former members of Entelligent Inc, a game developer that was acquired by Nexon Mobile in 2005. Jun-Mo Kwon, one of the co-founders of 4:33 and Entelligent, served as a Chief Executive at Nexon Mobile after Entelligent was acquired (Kwon’s profile). Not surprisingly, some of the unofficial sources state that 4:33 has retained its corporate culture from the past. What was surprising is that unlike everyone’s prediction that 4:33 will come up with a game app, its first ever launched product was a productivity app called, ‘Master of Discounts,’ which centralizes the membership discount and coupon management. After a great success with its first product, 4:33 returned to its roots and developed mobile-based games. Some of the big hits include, ‘The Secret of Moreau’s,’ ‘Arrow,’ and ‘EpicHearts.’ Although some of its games were controversial for their lack of originality, 4:33 was successful in raising capital, most recently raising $9 million investments from VCs in 2013."

[From beSUCCESS]


Morojeotaegui Bimil
2010-10-01AllMorojeotaegui BimilPub & Dev
2011-08-19The Secret of Chateau de MoreauPub & Dev
2013-07-30HoesaekdosiPub & Dev
2015-04-27Haiiro Toshi: 32-nin no YougishaDev
Hoesaekdosi 2
2014-10-09Hoesaekdosi 2Pub & Dev
2014-10-23Hoesaekdosi 2Pub & Dev