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Army Gals
2019-07-1018+Armejskie devchonki (unofficial)Pub
Catch Canvas
2019-07-3018+V pogone za holstom (unofficial)Pub
2019-08-22Udush'e (unofficial)Pub
Sanguine Rose
2019-10-2818+Krovavaja roza (unofficial)Pub
Round the Mulberry Bush
2019-10-28Pod kronoj tutovogo dereva (unofficial)Pub
Before They Leave
2019-11-04Prezhde chem oni ujdut (unofficial)Pub
The Falconers: Moonlight
2019-11-23Sokoly: Munlajt (unofficial)Pub
Your Dry Delight
2020-03-28Tvojo suhoe naslazhdenie (unofficial)Pub
The Owl-Woman Oracle
2020-04-16Zhenschina-sova, Zhenschina gadalka (unofficial)Pub
Reverie: Ebon Light
2020-04-27Chjornyj svet (unofficial)Pub
A Bloody Party
2020-05-05Krovavoe torzhesrvo (unofficial)Pub
2020-05-27Asher (unofficial)Pub
My Burning Heart
2020-11-2418+Mojo pylajuschee serdce (unofficial)Pub
Brilliant Shadows - Part One of the Book of Gray Magic
2021-02-16Sijajuschie teni. Chast' pervaja knigi seroj magii (unofficial)Pub
The End of an Actress
2021-03-0918+Konec aktrisy (unofficial)Pub
Embers of Magic
2021-03-21Ugol'ki magii (unofficial)Pub
2021-05-20Dikar': istoriya Rana (unofficial)Pub
2021-07-22Dikar': istoriya Bahadura (unofficial)Pub
Pale Spectrum - Part Two of the Book of Gray Magic
2022-07-06Tusklyj spektr. Chast' vtoraja knigi seroj magii. (unofficial)Pub
2022-08-02#STAT'BLOGEROM (unofficial)Pub