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Ostrich Burger Productions

Primary language: English
a.k.a. Neeka, Neeka of OBP
Official website - VNStat


Our Mountain
2019-11-1716+Our MountainPub & Dev
The Last Clan: Tale of Oni
2019-11-2913+The Last Clan: Tale of Oni - DemoPub & Dev
2021-01-11Erfigardr - DemoPub & Dev
Tendrils of Fate
2021-08-29Tendrils of FatePub & Dev
Renascent Blood
2021-08-31Renascent BloodPub & Dev
Hearts and Hexes
2021-10-0213+Hearts and HexesPub & Dev
Winter Flower
2022-01-01Winter FlowerPub & Dev
Ivy and Blue
2022-06-06Ivy and BluePub & Dev