Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights Complete Disc

魔法戦士スイートナイツ コンプリートDISC

RelationMahou Senshi Princess Tear
Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights 2 ~Metzer Hanran~
Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights ~Heroine Ryoujoku Shirei~
TitleMahou Senshi Sweet Knights Complete Disc
Original title魔法戦士スイートナイツ コンプリートDISC
Type  Complete
Language  Japanese
PublicationNon-free, commercial
Platform  Windows
Medium1 DVD
VoicedFully voiced
AnimationStory: No animations, Ero scenes: No animations
Age rating18+
CensoringMay include optical censoring (e.g. mosaics)
LinksOfficial website

This compilation includes the fairly long minigame "Sakuretsu Sweet Fight!!", a parallel story where Metzer, the evil protagonist of the Sweet Knights series, strikes a temporary alliance with Dinero, the main villain of Kourin Tenshi En Ciel Rena, to discover (and get for themselves) the secret power of the royal family of Roa.
Unfortunately, ALL the games included in this compilation are more or less severely bugged, you can find the required game patches (4 in total) HERE.