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Roommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei- Director’s Edition

ルームメイト・麻美 -おくさまは女子高生- Director’s Edition

RelationRoommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei-
TitleRoommate: Asami -Oku-sama wa Joshikousei- Director’s Edition
Original titleルームメイト・麻美 -おくさまは女子高生- Director’s Edition
Type Complete
Language Japanese
PublicationNon-free, commercial
Platform Dreamcast
Medium1 GD-ROM
DeveloperFupac Co., Ltd.
PublisherDatam Polystar
Catalog no.T-19508M
LinksOfficial website, PlayAsia
To add to the realism of cohabitation, holidays and other special events are triggered when the internal DC clock hits dates such as Christmas, New Year's, etc. Includes a drama CD.