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Edit history of Idols Galore! - Download Edition

r12591.72021-08-26 at 08:45YorhelIdols Galore! - Download Editionjast
r12591.62021-03-01 at 17:13kuroneko45Idols Galore! - Download EditionAdded engine, resolution, and voice format.
r12591.52019-08-23 at 21:44beliarIdols Galore! - Download Editionlinks
r12591.42018-09-06 at 23:55bobopopIdols Galore! - Download EditionUncensored
r12591.32014-12-04 at 20:35beliarIdols Galore! - Download Editiondate
r12591.22011-02-05 at 14:28beliarIdols Galore! - Download Editionmarked as download
r12591.12011-02-05 at 14:28beliarIdols Galore!no idea about the date