Edit history of Tokyo Yamanote Boys Honey Milk Disc - Regular Edition

r14306.72019-09-13 at 09:24multiTokyo Yamanote Boys Honey Milk Disc - Regular EditionAutomatic import of EGS links based on title (prefix) and release date. See t12755.51
r14306.62014-08-20 at 12:16nutellafanTokyo Yamanote Boys Honey Milk Disc - Regular EditionChanged to regular edition.
r14306.52012-11-26 at 16:44rjmacxTokyo Yamanote Boys Honey Milk DiscTitle
r14306.42012-10-20 at 21:46rjmacxTokyo Yamanote Boys HONEY MILK DISCUnknown age rating
r14306.32012-10-20 at 21:30rjmacxTokyo Yamanote Boys HONEY MILK DISCChanged title
r14306.22011-05-16 at 14:18suzuka2pewTokyo Yamanote Boys: Honey Milkadding the subtitle: honey milk
r14306.12011-05-16 at 14:16suzuka2pewTokyo Yamanote BoysThis is for the first part of the game: Honey milk