Edit history of Mahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press Edition

r1514.232020-08-29 at 08:29vimianiMahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press Editioncant believe nobody put this here yet
r1514.222019-07-15 at 21:59eacilMahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press Editionengine link
r1514.212012-06-05 at 06:14nacchiMahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press EditionSurprised this wasn't noticed here after all the raving about how well it used krkr to animate.
r1514.202012-04-22 at 01:25moogyMahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press EditionPackaging has a 15+ sticker on the back
r1514.192011-12-13 at 10:40vdzMahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press EditionTotally not getting delayed again. Source is link
r1514.182011-06-17 at 15:56akisigureMahoutsukai no Yoru - First Press Editionjan, title. getchu
r1514.172011-03-09 at 23:58moogyMahoutsukai no Yoru一応
r1514.162010-12-24 at 01:34immlffMahoutsukai no Yoruisn't released yet and hasn't definite release date
r1514.152010-12-23 at 23:13lyleMahoutsukai no YoruAccording to Wikipedia, it's all ages.
r1514.142010-12-22 at 18:26belgaeshMahoutsukai no YoruRelease date, acording wikipedia
r1514.132010-11-03 at 15:06claymoreMahoutsukai no YoruRemoved notes
r1514.122010-11-03 at 15:05claymoreMahoutsukai no YoruResolution
r1514.112010-09-01 at 08:22stokkyMahoutsukai no Yorudelayed to "winter 2010" (source - link )
r1514.102010-06-22 at 16:11chikanMahoutsukai no YoruAdded resolution, removed earlier superfluous note (we can already tell by the tags)
r1514.92010-06-21 at 14:44chikanMahoutsukai no YoruWebsite fix, not voiced
r1514.82010-06-18 at 09:18arayaMahoutsukai no YoruRelease date added
r1514.72010-01-10 at 11:32immlffMahoutsukai no Yoruhomepage link according to EGS
r1514.62010-01-10 at 11:23immlffMahoutsukai no Yorutitle romanization
r1514.52009-08-25 at 21:58lossMahou Tsukai no Yorujjkikkkk
r1514.42009-05-13 at 14:12vdzMahou Tsukai no Yoruunknown age rating, no ero
r1514.32008-05-12 at 12:59echomateriaMahou Tsukai no Yoru
r1514.22008-05-06 at 14:14echomateriaMahou Tsukai no Yoru
r1514.12008-05-03 at 19:57applehqMahou Tsukai no YoruAge rating is from wikipedia