Edit history of Midsummer Haze

r154.82013-03-27 at 18:05beliarMidsummer HazePermission has been granted to distribute this English translation as an automatic patch: this setup program does not include certain non
r154.72013-03-27 at 17:56sheridanMidsummer Hazelink; correction
r154.62011-02-04 at 13:59beliarMidsummer HazeActually a patch. Midsummer Haze was the only al-together game translated as a patch and not as a standalone.
r154.52011-02-04 at 01:02vdzMidsummer HazeNot a patch, is it?
r154.42010-02-21 at 15:32beliarMidsummer Haze-
r154.32010-02-21 at 15:31beliarMidsummer HazeCorrect info
r154.22009-12-24 at 17:37izmosmolnarMidsummer Hazemissing producer
r154.12007-10-19 at 12:17multiMidsummer HazeAutomated import from VNDB 1.8