Edit history of Little Busters! - Trial Edition

r1607.142019-01-24 at 16:37beliarLittle Busters! - Trial EditionReverted to revision r1607.12 Not a patch. What the hell are you doing?
r1607.132019-01-21 at 06:11jansonsethLittle Busters! - Trial Editionpatch
r1607.122014-09-19 at 15:48anonymousLittle Busters! - Trial Editionpoland cannot into little busters
r1607.112014-09-07 at 15:01clepto2000Little Busters! - Trial Editionnice
r1607.102014-04-19 at 01:46aquaticidealistLittle Busters! - Trial EditionWebsite 404'd. Posted a mirror.
r1607.92009-09-24 at 12:12multiLittle Busters! - Trial EditionAutomated edit with the update to VNDB 2.7. This release is a downloadable trial, freeware flag is assumed.
r1607.82009-06-07 at 08:59multiLittle Busters! - Trial EditionAutomated edit with the update to VNDB 2.4. This release has an 'amateur group' as producer and as such is likely to be a doujin release. Feel free
r1607.72009-05-05 at 21:03applehqLittle Busters! - Trial Editionlink edit i was supposed to do this earlier...
r1607.62008-09-09 at 08:46applehqLittle Busters! - Trial Editionadd fluffy!
r1607.52008-08-29 at 11:16applehqLittle Busters! - Trial Editionstill no producer, eh?
r1607.42008-07-07 at 23:29applehqLittle Busters! - Trial Editionupped the age rating and changed the site (old link still works). if you want an update: translation complete, just need to fix some bugs. looking
r1607.32008-06-28 at 19:50applehqLittle Busters! - Trial EditionChanged URL.
r1607.22008-06-26 at 19:43applehqLittle Busters! - Trial Editionお楽しみに!
r1607.12008-05-26 at 10:27applehqLittle Busters!