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r1754.142018-09-06 at 20:30bobopopDa Capo - Download EditionMangagamer's page says uncensored
r1754.132015-12-06 at 03:00venomg3Da Capo - Download Editiontitle adjustment
r1754.122013-04-03 at 13:46yirbaDa Capoupdate URL
r1754.112010-09-20 at 23:53ivxxxDa Capoadditional "format" info
r1754.102009-01-01 at 17:56mereckDa CapoSecond release in the notes
r1754.92008-12-27 at 13:23echomateriaDa CapoNo need to change dates of past releases for future fixes and patches.
r1754.82008-12-27 at 13:21rasqualDa Capo2009
r1754.72008-12-27 at 13:01michelousDa Caporelease changed because of major glitch
r1754.62008-11-30 at 00:26michelousDa Caporelease delayed
r1754.52008-11-09 at 12:06azaghalDa CapoFrom the official website.
r1754.42008-09-13 at 08:23applehqDa Capoaccording to official website
r1754.32008-08-07 at 19:33azaghalDa Capolink
r1754.22008-07-01 at 05:38yorhelDa Capolink For some reason I get the feeling the "Text Lang. English" on their website is a typo... oh well...
r1754.12008-07-01 at 02:11gatonegroDa Capo