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r1783.92018-09-06 at 20:22bobopopTasty ShaftsUncensored and partial voice
r1783.82013-04-03 at 13:45yirbaTasty Shaftsupdate URL
r1783.72012-07-05 at 18:06yirbaTasty ShaftsResolution
r1783.62008-12-12 at 13:59michelousTasty Shaftsout
r1783.52008-11-05 at 16:39echomateriaTasty Shaftshomepage lists the release date as december
r1783.42008-09-13 at 08:20applehqTasty Shaftsaccording to official website
r1783.32008-08-07 at 19:28azaghalTasty Shaftslink
r1783.22008-07-10 at 04:23nacchiTasty Shafts- Updated to reflect new release date (according to Mangagamer's website - link)
r1783.12008-07-03 at 19:32azaghalTasty Shaftsinfo from link