Edit history of Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Regular Edition

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r1858.162015-05-02 at 03:50rintohsakaFate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Regular EditionThe addition of some new animations was one of the selling points of "Realta Nua" over the original 2004 PC version... Also art asset data rips
r1858.152015-02-07 at 21:59slv76Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Regular EditionCapitalization (link)
r1858.142014-07-17 at 05:46kigarunaFate/stay Night[Realta Nua] - Regular EditionCopypasted title from the website. Replaced website link to wayback machine cause it looks like domen name belongs to someone else now... Oo
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r1858.122014-06-25 at 19:11slv76Fate/stay night Réalta Nua - Regular EditionRegular Edition
r1858.112011-03-15 at 12:45claymoreFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard EditionSource: link & link
r1858.102010-11-08 at 17:09nekonekogirlFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard EditionAdded catalog number.
r1858.92010-10-20 at 03:23echomateriaFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard EditionReverted to revision r1858.7 We had a long debate about this in the past and decided to not to mark console games resolutions (at least the ones
r1858.82010-10-20 at 01:44rintohsakaFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard Editionit may be a console, but it's definitely 640x480 native. Not only is that standard for PS2 games, but ripping the CGs proves this as well.
r1858.72010-10-11 at 22:19claymoreFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard EditionResolution
r1858.62009-10-24 at 14:43YorhelFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard Editionproducer update
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r1858.32009-09-10 at 05:11rintohsakaFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard EditionPS2 games have a native resolution of 640x480
r1858.22009-06-07 at 18:40echomateriaFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard Editionformat
r1858.12008-07-14 at 15:48applehqFate/stay night Réalta Nua - Standard EditionThe other release