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r18984.72019-07-14 at 11:46lucumoLittle VampireNot the official website of this release.
r18984.62014-04-27 at 03:26eyelessLittle Vampirer26325 is freeware, this release is not.
r18984.52014-04-25 at 09:44slv76Little VampireNotes.
r18984.42014-04-25 at 09:00abyssalerosLittle Vampirenope the original PC-88 was not freeware - just the later download release at e.g. retropc.
r18984.32014-04-25 at 07:02slv76Little Vampireedit info
r18984.22013-09-17 at 22:52binfujiwaraLittle Vampireplatform
r18984.12012-01-14 at 17:17slv76Little VampireNew release based on r14628.2