Edit history of Lucian Bee's Evil Violet - Regular Edition

r19964.52015-06-21 at 01:01savagetigerLucian Bee's Evil Violet - Regular Editionproducer
r19964.42014-08-20 at 11:44nutellafanLucian Bee's Evil Violet - Regular EditionChanged to regular edition.
r19964.32012-10-07 at 15:31binfujiwaraLucian Bee's Evil Violetage rating
r19964.22012-04-06 at 16:46binfujiwaraLucian Bee's Evil VioletI've found their official website. It's the same as Lucian Bee's Justice Yellow because it's a flash site.
r19964.12012-03-04 at 08:44litewolfLucian Bee's Evil VioletPS2 release