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Twinkle ☆ Crusaders Go Go - Deluxe (Best Edition)

ティンクル☆くるせいだーすGoGo!豪華版 [ベスト版]

RelationTwinkle ☆ Crusaders
TitleTwinkle ☆ Crusaders Go Go - Deluxe (Best Edition)
Original titleティンクル☆くるせいだーすGoGo!豪華版 [ベスト版]
Type Complete
Language Japanese
PublicationNon-free, commercial
Platform PlayStation Portable
Medium1 UMD
VoicedFully voiced
AnimationStory: Simple animations
Age rating17+
PublisherASCII Media Works
Catalog no.ULJS-482

Includes in Twinkle ☆ Crusaders STARLIT BRAVE!!, which is an additional story mode including the characters from the different PC games and some characters (mostly heroines) from ASCII Media Work's different series.