Edit history of Witch Spell

r21708.72019-08-21 at 10:39multiWitch SpellAutomatic conversion of website to Itch.io.
r21708.62019-07-15 at 10:45multiWitch SpellAutomatic conversion of the "Engine" visual novel tag.
r21708.52016-03-28 at 07:04nojokerWitch SpellVoiced + new website.
r21708.42012-07-09 at 15:04justalittlesinWitch Spelladded official website
r21708.32012-07-08 at 11:30justalittlesinWitch Spelladded developer
r21708.22012-07-08 at 00:14justalittlesinWitch Spellanimations: simple
r21708.12012-07-08 at 00:13justalittlesinWitch Spelladded Dutch release