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r22773.82012-12-29 at 02:26therefTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?please tell me what does this patch cover
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r22773.42012-12-28 at 02:43kiraiaizurenTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?the game is translated until prologue
r22773.32012-11-11 at 02:48immlffTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?various fixes, also see t3383.26
r22773.22012-10-23 at 14:46keyfag4lyfeTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?Please delete this garbage.
r22773.12012-09-16 at 19:19kiraiaizurenTenshin Ranman - Lucky or Unlucky!?finally, an english translation project is going..