Edit history of Fate/Stay Night

r23009.72017-07-18 at 16:00kyo5enpaiFate/Stay NightChanged the "Partial" to "Complete"
r23009.62015-02-07 at 22:14slv76Fate/Stay NightCapitalization (link)
r23009.52015-01-07 at 13:30beliarFate/stay nightMarked as patch, linked to relevant post, corrected the date of the latest patch, cleaned notes.
r23009.42014-03-10 at 18:21ajaestFate/stay nightAdded partial translation of HF
r23009.32013-03-10 at 00:26ajaestFate/stay nightAdded progress and extra technical info
r23009.22012-12-28 at 04:55aldenFate/stay nightDetail.
r23009.12012-09-30 at 21:48ajaestFate/stay nightCreated FPT release entry